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Chasing Maine

A photo of a dump truck and small snowplow traveling through a snow-covered street with overlayed text reading "Chasing Maine: The Road Warriors" and featuring the logo for The Maine Monitor newsroom.

Chasing Maine is a video series that explores Maine from a distinct visual perspective. Join veteran journalist Roger McCord as he chases the people, places and things that define the unique character of the Pine Tree State.

Maine’s Black Future

The podcast logo for Maine's Black Future featuring the text "Maine's Black Future" as well as a vector image of host Genius Black, and towards the right side of the image are three large dots in a vertical line.

The Maine’s Black Future podcast, hosted by Genius Black, boldly visits stories of historic Black Mainers and the legacies they carved into the state. Then we connect this longstanding history to Black changemakers weaving Maine’s Black future today!

We define terminology, keep it real, and invite you to connect deeply with Black Mainers creating the future that we want to live in.

Maine Monitor Appearances

Logo for the audio and podcast vertical of The Maine Monitor newsroom. The logo is of a microphone with the newsroom's pen logo at the top, the newsroom's name in the middle, and the word audio overlayed on sound waves at the bottom.

Members of the newsroom have made appearances on TV and radio stations such as Maine Calling, Science Friday, Marketplace, WMTW, News Center Maine and WERU.

The Maine Monitor has also participated in panels and events around Maine and New England.

Midcoast Forum on Foreign Relations

logo for the Midcoast Forum on Foreign Relations

The Midcoast Forum on Foreign Relations seeks to promote study and discussion of the development, formulation, and implementation of United States foreign policies by means of a program of speakers, the organization of discussion and study groups, and the production and distribution of relevant materials.

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