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Monitor Projects

A black sign reading "Probate Office" is attached to the wall outside the doorway to the office.

Maine’s Part-Time Court

Maine’s probate courts stand alone. Their judges are part-time and elected, and they operate independently from each other and the state supreme court. A lack of oversight by the probate courts may leave Maine’s most vulnerable residents at risk.
The interior of a room at an assisted living facility.

Long-Term Challenge

With the disappearance of nursing home beds across Maine, thousands of aging Mainers are being sent to “nonmedical” residences that aren’t equipped to handle more intensive health needs.

Hooked on Heating Oil

Maine relies on home heating oil more than any other state. Ending that costly dependence could improve lives and fight climate change. This series examines Maine’s reliance on oil, the efforts to transition to new kinds of heat, and the potential for our homes to someday be fossil-free.

Our Picks

A photo of the Woodlands facility. Overlayed the photo are cut out phrases from various DHHS reports about violations. Observed resident with shallow breathing, redness all over body and purple finger nails. Resident number one was struck on the face by employee number one. Based on record review and interview, the facility neglected to protect a resident's health and welfare. Resident was found at 8:40 p.m. outside in the snow.

Maine rarely sanctions residential care facilities even after severe abuse or neglect incidents

An illustrated version of Laurie Wall and Janice Sirois.

Eight deaths raise questions about oversight of Maine’s public guardianships

Judge David Paris speaks with an individual (not shown) in front of a sign that lists him as the county's probate judge.

Calls to overhaul Maine probate courts have stalled for half a century. The most vulnerable people may be at risk.

Melody Leavitt and Tania McIntyre pose for a photo

As residential care homes expand in Maine, seniors don’t always get the care they need

A heating oil tank.

Hooked on heating oil: Maine’s reliance on a dirty, expensive fuel

Know of a story The Maine Monitor should look into? Many of the Monitor’s in-depth stories have been thanks to a reader’s suggestion.

Audio & Video

Cooper Flagg prepares to throw down a dunk during a basketball game.

Flagg Days: Cooper and Ace Flagg thrive in return to Maine

Logo for the Maine's Black Future podcast.

A story of Sherman Kentucky Ferguson and an interview with David Patrick

Dave Gutter plays a red guitar while sitting in a chair.

The Songwriter: Dave Gutter talks being a Grammy winner

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