Conversations from the Pointed Firs: maritime historian Lincoln Paine

In this episode, professor and maritime historian Lincoln Paine discusses Maine’s coastal history.
Conversation from the pointed firs
The Maine Monitor is proud to partner with the World Ocean Observatory to bring the Conversations from the Pointed Firs podcast to our audience.

Editor’s Note: The Maine Monitor is partnering with Peter Neill of the World Ocean Observatory to bring you this hour-long interview podcast. 

Conversations from the Pointed Firs is a monthly, interview-style podcast during which Peter talks with authors and artists who live in Maine, work in Maine, or otherwise derive their creativity from the essence of Maine.

The guest for this episode of Conversations from the Pointed Firs is Lincoln Paine, maritime historian and author of many books, including the one discussed during this conversation: “Down East: An Illustrated History of Maritime Maine.”

Lincoln Paine
Lincoln Paine

The episode digs into the history of our coastal places in Maine — from the days when England declared every white pine in the State to be the King’s property, to the future of Maine’s coasts — from industry to how and where we go for recreation and renewal.

Paine is an adjunct professor at the University of Maine School of Law and vice chair of the Maine Maritime Museum. He has published more than 100 articles and reviews for academic and popular publications, and his books include the award-winning The Sea and Civilization: A Maritime History of the World; Down East: An Illustrated History of Maritime Maine; and Ships of the World: An Historical Encyclopedia.

Paine has lectured worldwide on a wide range of maritime-oriented subjects, including literature of the sea, exploration, oceans and seas in world culture, the history of maritime law, trade, naval history, rivers, decorative arts, and museum curatorship.

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Peter Neill

Peter Neill is founder and director of the World Ocean Observatory, a web-based place of exchange for information and educational services about the health of the ocean. Throughout his career, Peter has served as an advocate and independent consultant for strategic planning and innovation to organizations devoted to marine affairs, education, and public engagement. He is host of the long-running World Ocean Radio weekly audio feature, celebrating 12 years and 600 episodes in 2021; and Conversations from the Pointed Firs, a one-hour radio show on WERU-FM, wherein he interviews artists and authors who live in Maine, work in Maine, or otherwise derive their creativity from the essence of Maine.
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