News and Editorial Independence Policy

The Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting, publishing as The Maine Monitor, is a nonprofit corporation recognized as such by the United States Internal Revenue Service pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

MCPIR publishes news and information about issues of public interest in Maine that is fair, accurate and reflects the standards for editorial independence and journalistic ethics adopted by the Institute for Nonprofit News and the Society of Professional Journalists.

MCPIR’s news and editorial staff has and retains full authority over news and editorial content of MCPIR’s reporting and publications to protect the best journalistic interests of MCPIR and the public.

MCPIR Executive Director and development staff may solicit and accept donations, grants, sponsorships and advertisements from individuals and organizations for the general support of its activities. MCPIR Executive Director and development staff also may consider donations to support the coverage of particular topics. 

However, the news and editorial judgments of MCPIR’s staff are made independently and not on the basis of donor, sponsor, foundation or advertiser support or the involvement of MCPIR’s Board of Directors. MCPIR will cede no right of review or influence of news and editorial content.

Acceptance of financial support or sponsorship by MCPIR does not constitute its implied or actual endorsement of foundations, donors, sponsors, advertisers, their products, services or opinions. MCPIR may decline to accept financial support if, in the opinion of the Executive Director, such support or advertising may be perceived as implied or actual endorsement of the donor, sponsor or advertiser, their products, services or opinions, or as an endorsement of public officials or candidates for public office.

The MCPIR Board of Directors share a belief that vigorous coverage of government and public policy is essential to the common good. It is that belief, rather than a commitment to any particular cause, that leads them to contribute their time and expertise to MCPIR. 

In furtherance of this policy, the Board of Directors of MCPIR exercises no role in shaping news or editorial coverage and each board member adheres to the organization’s news and editorial independence policy. Board members may be quoted in stories published by MCPIR as long as their affiliation is noted in the story. Board members cannot be used as anonymous sources or as behind-the-scenes reviewers or editors.

Brief current biographies of board members, including their memberships and relevant affiliations, will be available on the Center’s website. Board members may share a commitment to public service through their work in various other nonprofit and educational organizations.

A copy of MCPIR’s News and Editorial Independence Policy shall be provided to those individuals and organizations who wish to offer donations, grants, sponsorships or advertisements to MCPIR or The Maine Monitor.

Updated and approved by the Board of Directors February 28, 2024.

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