Julie Pike

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After graduating from the University of Southern Maine in 2019, where Julie was editor-in-chief of the Free Press, the student newspaper, Julie switched career paths to become a paralegal. She currently works for Terry Garmey & Associates, a personal injury law firm in Portland, Maine, but she is thankful for the opportunity to keep her journalism roots through her work with the Maine Monitor.
graphic that reads timeline of the coronavirus in maine, navigate this timeline to view key events in the outbreak of the coronavirus in maine

Coronavirus in Maine: Timeline

Trace key events in the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Maine — and how officials are responding — using this interactive, multimedia timeline.
court files line several rows of shelves in a courthouse

The data void in Maine courts

An e-filing and case management system, scheduled for full installation by 2022, will provide access to data for judicial officials and state legislators seeking to determine where resources are needed.
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