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Lance Tapley

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Lance Tapley, of Augusta, is a veteran investigative reporter and a co-author of “The United States and Torture: Interrogation, Incarceration, and Abuse,” published by New York University Press. 
illustration showing a man holding a telescope called Irving looking across the green lands of Maine and seeing dollar signs

Maine’s future with Irving

If the giant, ever-growing Irving corporations were to have a larger presence in Maine, what effects might there be on Mainers' daily life?
at the roadway entrance to the Irving business complex

New Brunswick, Irving company province

Several books and a Canadian-government report have noted the Irving family business' power over the province of New Brunswick is probably unparalleled in the developed world. I spent a number of days in the province, getting an unusual tour of the Irving refinery, and talking with both critics and supporters of Irving’s influence in the province.
Train track crossing in Jackman, Maine

Irving: No more ‘oil trains’ in Maine

Irving Oil has stopped and has no plan to resume shipping oil to its Canadian refinery via Maine rail lines. The decision was made earlier this year and confirmed recently in an email to the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting.
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