Chasing Maine: A Banner Day with Flying John

Banner-flying pilot John Apte has been hard-hit by the coronavirus crisis as advertising has dropped off. As Apte adapts to a changed industry, he is taking to the sky to spread messages about something new: public health.
aerial photo take from a gopro attached to a small propeller plane
Photo by Roger McCord


Chasing Maine is a biweekly video series that explores Maine from a distinct visual perspective. Join veteran Maine journalist and storyteller Roger McCord as he chases the people, places and things that define the unique character of the Pine Tree State. 


Roger McCord

Roger McCord has had a wide-ranging career in journalism, spanning the gamut from writing/reporting to daily news photography to working on various news desks as an editor. The most recent incarnation is in video production – usually brief features and mini-documentaries in and about Maine.
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