House Speaker Rachel Talbot Ross talks about being a Black person in Maine, housing crisis

“Our branch of government, the Legislature, is the voice of the people.”
A photo of Rachel Talbot Ross during a podcast interview with overlayed text reading Rachel Talbot Ross and featuring the logo of the Amjambo Africa newsroom.
House Speaker Rachel Talbot Ross during an interview with Amjambo Africa.

Earlier this week, Amjambo Africa released an in-depth video interview with Maine’s Speaker of the House Rep. Rachel Talbot Ross.

Jean Hakuzimana, a reporter for Amjambo Africa, spoke with Speaker Talbot Ross about a number of topics including growing up Black in Maine, priority bills this legislative session, Maine’s housing crisis, bridging the chasm between the African American and African immigrant communities, and Tribal sovereignty.


Amjambo Africa is a print and digital publication that serves new immigrants to Maine. This video is republished with permission.


Jean Hakuzimana

Jean Damascene Hakuzimana has been a translator, writer and Africa News Editor for Amjambo Africa. Jean, who emigrated to the U.S. in 2018, has written for numerous international publications on the experiences of African immigrants in America, and about the key issues facing many African countries, including desertification, community development, and inclusive financing.
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