Intriguing Individuals: Miss Maine Mariah Larocque

Miss Maine 2021 joins the Intriguing Individuals Podcast to discuss exploitation and human trafficking advocacy, and finding justice through art.
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The Maine Monitor is pleased to partner with Garrick Hoffman to bring his podcast to our audience.

Editor’s Note: The Maine Monitor has partnered with digital storyteller Garrick Hoffman to syndicate his Intriguing Individuals Podcast.

The Intriguing Individuals Podcast seeks to illuminate fascinating stories of intriguing people that may otherwise go unheard and unnoticed, whether it’s a military veteran-turned-bodybuilding competitor; a “Triple Crown” hiker of the Appalachian, Pacific Crest, and Continental Divide trails; or a breast cancer survivor who aspires to become a mom and business owner.

These stories are not only intriguing, but they inspire. By extracting out the stories of the many diverse guests on the podcast, we as listeners can learn more about the myriad walks of life that surround us — and maybe find hope.

Mariah Larocque

On this episode, Garrick introduces Mariah Larocque: an actor, screenwriter, activist, survivor, and Miss Maine 2021.

During her time competing for and becoming Miss Maine, Larocque has been advocating to end human trafficking & child exploitation. A passionate activist for the cause, she has experienced past trauma that has animated her advocacy efforts.

In the days following the recording of this episode, and just days before the final Miss America competition, Larocque tested positive for COVID, leaving her unable to compete in the competition. Despite this sudden — and profound — disappointment, Larocque remains optimistic and resilient and will continue her journey as an actor, screenwriter, and as Miss Maine.

Watch the episode below:

Episode Time Stamps
3:00 – Mariah’s child sexual exploitation and human trafficking advocacy with Thrive
14:10 – Personal experiences with exploitation
18:40 – How experiences with exploitation affected Mariah
26:03 – How Mariah seeks her own justice through art
31:05 – Mariah’s acting background
1:04:55 – Mariah’s time as Miss Maine
1:29:58 – Mariah’s singing talents


Garrick Hoffman

A Maine native, Garrick Hoffman has been doing photography professionally since 2017, beginning his career in photojournalism for a variety of southern Maine weeklies. He has since branched out in landscapes, portraits, professional headshots, products, events, and behind-the-scenes photography. In addition to photography, Garrick is also a writer, graphic artist, and podcast host who enjoys playing drums for his church, long bike rides and hikes, and experiencing the wealth of natural beauty of Maine and beyond.
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