These are the highest paid state of Maine employees

The highest paid made $320,000, and there were 10 employees who made more than $200,000.
A photo of the State of Maine flag.
Photo via Fry1989/Wikimedia.

The Maine Monitor has compiled the salaries of state of Maine employees for 2021. We listed the employees who earned more than $100,000 in base salary, using data provided by the state of Maine.

View data for University of Maine System employees by viewing our story: These are the highest paid University of Maine System employees.

The dataset below is scrollable and searchable, and allows you to search the data.

Note: Some state employees receive funds for dental insurance, health insurance, life insurance and retirement contributions. Those figures are not in this dataset.


Xiaoxi Ma

Xiaoxi Ma is a second-year journalism graduate student at Northeastern University with a focus on data, data visualization and interactive storytelling.
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