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Naomi Schalit is a co-founder of the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting, which operates The Maine Monitor.
the doorway to the meeting room for the joint standing committee on veterans and legal affairs

Lawmaker: PACs shouldn’t pay the legislators who run them

Saying he wanted to stop a practice that was “the closest thing to getting directly paid” by lobbyists, Rep. Louis Luchini introduced a bill to bar legislators from paying themselves, businesses they run and family members from political action committees they control.
Economist Isabel Sawhill in her office at the Brookings Institution

In-Depth: The full interview with Isabel Sawhill

When senior reporter Naomi Schalit began her nine months of research for our series on Maine’s single parents in poverty, one of her first stops was Isabel Sawhill’s office at the Brookings Institution. You’ll find many quotes from Sawhill in Schalit’s five-part series; here is the complete interview transcript.
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