The history of London Atus and an interview with Alfine Nathalie

Introducing the debut of The Maine Monitor’s newest podcast offering.
Logo for the Maine's Black Future podcast.
The Maine’s Black Future podcast tells the stories of historic Black Mainers and connect the longstanding history to Black changemakers weaving Maine’s Black future today. Graphic by Olivia Martin.

The Maine’s Black Future podcast boldly visits stories of historic Black Mainers and the legacies they carved into the state. Then we connect this longstanding history to Black changemakers weaving Maine’s Black future today!

Alfine Nathalie

We define terminology, keep it real, and invite you to connect deeply with Black Mainers creating the future that we want to live in. We showcase Black excellence occurring all over Maine and feature original music production from the GEM CITY Maine collective, throughout.

Host Genius Black opens the first episode of The Maine Monitor’s new podcast, Maine’s Black Future, with a historical look at the life of London Atus, a Machias resident in the late 1700s who purchased his freedom and fought in the Revolutionary War. Atus would help create the settlement of Atusville.

Later in the episode, Genius sits down with Portland resident Alfine Nathalie, a holistic health provider who was born in Kenya and raised in Maine.

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Theme music produced by Genius Black, composed by Genius along with Bill Giordano on bass and Ben Noyes on acoustic piano.

Podcast recorded, and produced by Genius Black at Portland Media Center, for The Maine Monitor.

References & Links:

Maine’s Visible Black History, The First Chronicles of its People by H.H. Price and Gerald E. Talbot.

History Hour Podcast — Lost Atusville: The Story of a Black Settlement in Maine from the American Revolution.

Mainers to Be Thankful For by the Portland Press Herald

Mitchell Institute scholarship

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Genius Black

Genius Black, also known as Jerry Edwards, is a social innovator, entrepreneur, and musical artist based in South Portland, Maine. Naturally a storyteller and motivator, he focuses on collaboration and audio/video production as a craft. Genius curates a collaborative network and collective of musical talent, GEM CITY, driving the intersection of art, culture, and quality of place unique to Maine’s coast. He holds a degree in Africana Studies and an English minor from Bowdoin College. He is the father of two teenagers, 15 and 19 years old. Genius is a media and communications organizer for TheThirdPlace and a proud board member of Portland Media Center.
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